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confusion, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs turn into PURPOSE, PASSION, & ACCOMPLISHMENT.

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Do you want to find your purpose?

Do you want to live a fulfilling life free of limiting beliefs…but never seem to take the first step?

Do you believe purpose and fulfillment are just going to drop in your lap?

I thought this for years and years… it didn’t.

I found that through ACTION was the ONLY way I could step into my purpose. 

Yes, that’s correct.

Taking action against all the thoughts I had surrounding me: "Not enough time, not enough money, not enough insight" - the list went on and on. 

I’m humbled to share that the 1st Academy members ALL received GREATER results than I promised.

The 6 Academy Graduates ALL had the following limiting beliefs BEFORE joining:

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I’m in a different place than other people

How the Academy Works

You get exclusive access to the techniques so you can start achieving your goals immediately. You can access the academy online at anytime. Each week's modules can be completed at your own pace.  

Week 1: MINDSET 🤯
Modules Include: Set aside; Know your WHY; Create a vision

Week 2: Limiting Beliefs 🚫 
Modules Include: No One Lacks Motivation; Story: Separating Truth from Lies (Getting to know them); Disproving a defined “Failure”; 

Week 3: Goal Setting ✅ 

Modules Include: Mind Dump; What's Possible? ANYTHING: Goal Setting; Organization is the KEY to success (Task List)

Week 4: Action 🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀
Modules Include: Disproof Through Action; Scarcity VS. Abundance

Week 5: Upgrading 🚀 
Modules Include: How & When to say NO; What are you willing to sacrifice? Stop making excuses and start LIVING; Circle of influence (water seeks its own level)

Week 6: What’s Next 🤷‍♂️ 
Modules Include::Leveraging relationships; The power of the community; Taking the NEXT Step

BONUSES: What are you feeding your mind; FLOW OR NO; Manifest through Action

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We identify the hidden barriers and limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle, unable to achieve what you want in life.

Get Quick Wins

By using a technique to get results FAST, without sacrificing time and energy on temporary solutions.

Create More Time

Build deeper, more meaningful relationships that last so you can stop saying yes to things that don't serve you.

Put Yourself First

Release the pressure associated with low self esteem and start taking care of your needs first.

How long have you wanted to take "that" action?

Don't be like the rest of the world that is living with regret. 

Why? Because life is too short to live unfulfilled. 

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What Academy Clients Are Saying

Listen to the breakthroughs after 3 weeks in the Academy!

 👇 Hear the Limiting Beliefs they came with 👇


BOBBY, Digital Marketer

Didn’t have time & thought little of himself

  • Made $15,000 in ONE month - his biggest income month ever!
  • He got organized and found he had more time than he thought he did
  • No longer afraid to be the fired up version of himself!

LEAH, Coach & Author

Was further than others and wouldn’t be able to relate
  • Applied to write blogs for Psychology Today (She got it!)
  • Cleared some huge limiting beliefs and did her first coaching session with her client
  • Started taking actions to finalize her book and so much more 

MARGARET, Professional Organizer

Wasn’t on the same level as the others in the Academy

  • Launched a company helping others get organized
  • Landed 2 new clients AND made lifelong friends in the Academy

What's the theme with each of them?

They took action.

It won’t fall in your lap, it won’t happen in a course, at an event, watching videos, or even listening to the Purpose Chasers Podcast.

It happens through action.

That's why I want to offer you an opportunity to take the action you’ve been waiting for.  


PAULA, Podcaster

Didn’t have the money or confidence

  • Launched her Podcast (Lost AF Wellness! Go subscribe - she's ON FIRE!)
  • Overcame her belief she sucked at speaking and joined a Toastmasters Group!  

COLIN, Realtor

Didn’t have the time and was neglecting the things that were most important (family)

  • Didn't negotiate his fee, despite his limiting beliefs
  • Landed his highest commission real estate listing EVER!

LJ, Entrepreneur

Wasn’t on the same level as the others in the Academy

  • Took action to exit out of a business that was draining her energy
  • Created space for new opportunities and gained happiness and clarity.

Who Teaches the Academy

The academy is led by Mark Crandall, LMSW, LCDC. He is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) and the Founder of the Purpose Chasers Academy.

In 2015, Mark left his career as a therapist to help 1000's of people reinvent themselves. In Mark’s first 5 months online, he closed $125,000 in coaching and therapy clients from behind his laptop.

“I spent $225,000 over the last 5 years to learn what does and does not work. Now I can help heart-centered humans transform more lives.”

Since that time, Mark has built multiple 6 figure coaching practices and helped countless clients achieve the same. Now he has decided it’s time to share his secrets with the world.

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