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The Purpose Chasers® Academy is a 6-week consecutive coaching program. 

This program runs straight through and any withdraw from the program will not result in a refund unless circumstances are deemed appropriate by the Purpose Chasers ® Team. At which time you may be granted an opportunity to pick back up in another cohort. 

At no times will a refund for withdrawing be justified or warranted. We are seeking 100% committed individuals only. 

You agree to be recorded and authorize those recordings to be used for the promotional efforts of the Purpose Chasers ® business. 

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Purpose Chasers® Academy 6-Week Coaching Program

This is a 6-Week coaching program designed to get you unstuck and into action. Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? 
Each week contains 2-4 modules with assignments and 1 live coaching call.
Course Outline: 
*No one lacks Motivation
*Know your WHY
*Create a vision
Wk 2: Limiting Beliefs
*Getting to know them
*Story: Separating Truth from Lies
*Affirmations/Incantations Primed for Life
*What are you feeding your mind
Wk 3: Goal Setting
*Setting Goals
*Breaking them Down into daily tasks/ Insert them into your Daily Tasks List
*No Such Thing as Failure
*Small steps win the race
Wk 4: Body
*Your body is a temple
*How to Change your perception of you
*State Change
*Move every day
Wk 5: Upgrading
*Dealing with Getting Stuck
*Leveraging relationships
Wk 6: ADJUST / What’s Next
*Staying ambitious (WHY are you here?)
*Leveraging Relationships
*Circle of influence
*Continued Importance of Leveling Up
*Graduation and intro to Purpose Chasers Mastermind